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Camillas affenpinschrar, Åland -07 

I am the owner of Kennel Camalis, and my name is Carola Håkansson. I am married to Jonas, and we do have a 14 years old son, with the name Emil. Our residence is in Lund, in the south part of Sweden.

  I have, for the moment, four (4) female miniature pinchers and four (4) male in our kennel, as well as one (1) male and four (4) female, placed in other home.

I was raised together with dog’s, and has always had a deep interest in this kind of animals.

In our family we have deep interest in Football and we are members of HIF. We spend a lot of time to follow our favourite team.



Emil and Dipsy iin bath-06

I purchased my first, own, dog in 1994, it was a cross bread (Dachshound, Papillion, and Miniature Pinscher), her name is “Malou”. I learned a lot from this dog. Malou was afraid for a number of things, for example kids, fire works, thunder storms, and if somebody made a quick move towards her.

Due to this, I began to take some classes with a dog psychologist, named Yrsa Fransén-Görnerup.

I have been to a number of classes with Yrsa Fransén-Görnerup, such as Puppy Class, Positive Obedience, Positive Obedience continuation, Positive Obedience with dogs without leach, class for problem dogs, problem dogs investigation and  a training in giving massage to dogs. Further I have been to a two (2) days class, with Marie Fogelkvist as a trainer, in how to train Your dog with a “Klicker”. This training was very interesting. 

I began 1994 as a member of LHU (Lunds Hundungdom), a local club for young dog people. I started as a student. Today, I am an educated SBK (The Swedish Work Dogs association) trainer, Youth trainer as well as Agility instructor.

I purchased my first miniature Pinscher 1995. Her name is “Such Skrabbetorps Dixie” (she has passed the mental test). She is a funny and creative dog, always searching for new solutions to different problems. Her owners today, are Hans & Suzanne Willert living in the town Viken in Sweden.

My second Miniature Pinscher was purchased in 1996, her name is “Airways Penny Lane”. She just loves to be under the sweater to coos.

My third Miniature Pinscher, named “Such Airway’s Maid For Music”, Maddie, (she has passed the mental test). She was given to me by Ulla & Curt Magnusson, Airway’s Kennel, in 1997, as a replacement dog for Penny, as she turned out to be to small. Maddie is one of this kennel’s main females, and so far she has been the lucky mother to four (4) litter’s, the A- , B-,  G- and I- Litter.

My fourth Miniature Pinscher, named “Sorita’s Fanta Hot stuff To Camalis”, (she has two Certificate’s, and has passed the mental test). I got her as a wedding present from Sorita’s, Little King’s and Swed Pinns kennels. Her behavior is to take everything with speed and easiness. She is now close to the age of three years, and have cooled down a little bit. Fanta is one of this kennel’s main females, and so far been the mother of one litter, the D-Litter.

My fifth Miniature Pinscher, named “ Such Camalis Always in My Heart”, Dipsy, (she has passed the mental test). This kennel’s first raised champion. Dipsy is one of this kennels main females, and has so far given birth to two litter, the E- and H- & K- Litter.

My sixth Miniature Pinscher, named “ Camalis Dorothea Dreams Come Through”, Thea. I attempted to place her in a home, but very quickly became so close to her, so It was impossible for me to do so. Thea just loves to go to dog shows, and to show her self. Thea is one of this kennels main females, and has so far given bith to one litter, the L- litter.

Pint-Unicum Karina and I at Ronneby National show 2005

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